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DeviantART Roleplay Group
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The Master Roleplay Group List

RP-DA is an account made to file all the roleplay groups scattered around DeviantART in one convenient location! It doesn't have to be PRETTY, it's useful!

Admin: anhedonicPlaywright

Disclaimer: All the characters in all the groups (other than their OC's) are copyright whoever created the series the group is RPing about.


Alerts you of any changes to our list!

-> January 29, 2010: Those of you who wanted the template for the group avatars can now get it! Hooray~

-> January 10, 2010: Okay, lets be real here: A lot of RPs on this list are dead. Dead. This is bad; after all, you can't exactly roleplay when an RP itself is dead.

So I'm initiating a new policy.

It goes like this: After an RP is dead- like dead; you know, no one logged in forever, no RPing going on; no activity at all- it is able to be replaced by a new one (so long as this new RP fits the guidelines for being listed in the first place and you can provide a link to the original RP to prove that it's dead and so I may remove it). Before you make a new one, however, please attempt to contact the original RP's administrators and try to get the group account. If you are unable to get the account, that's when you make a new one to replace it. Please also provide proof that you contacted the RP or the admin themself (screenying a note or lack of response to one, for example), but were unable to obtain the account. This is to ensure no unnecessary duplication of groups is being done.

-> August 10, 2009: Because I'm tired of seeing the same issues over and over again, I'm setting up some basic guidelines for RP groups to be put on the list. Please read them before asking me anything.

-> July 11, 2009: Yup! New admin here! Time to sort through everything! *pumps fist in the air* Please be patient if your group hasn't been added to the list yet; I'll get to it soon enough (though if I haven't done it within a week after posting this announcement, feel free to note me xD).

EDIT: Woo! All done! Anything I need to fix?

-> April 28, 2009: The master list requirement has been moved up to 10 members, so any current groups on the master list who don't have 10 members will be moved back to the others list. Apologies to all those who've been moved back down.

-> April 28, 2009 - Due to some issues with certain RP groups, I feel it necessary to issue a warning. You don't have to listen, as this account was made only for listing RP groups. However, you should not be making an RP group for a series if it already has a group. That is to say, NO DUPLICATE RP GROUPS. I'm looking at you, APHRP-DA2. If you did it by accident, that's fine, as long as you don't try to continue that group. Doing it intentionally is just plain bad. No doubt deviantART is not pleased with all these RP accounts sitting on their website taking up space, so please, don't make duplicate groups. I also advise you to stop making more. Most of the groups hardly have over 5 members, so a lot of these groups are just pointless.


:community: Master List :community:
Groups under this list have 10 or more members

Anime RPs

:iconkeroro-gunsorp-da: :icondnrp-da: :iconnarutoda-rp: :icondgmrp-da: :iconfmarp-da: :iconkhrrp-da: :iconyu-gi-ohrp-da: :iconkss-rpda: :iconse-rp-da: :iconcgrp-da: :iconbleachrp-da: :iconshugochara-rp: :iconpandoraheartsrp-da: :iconaphrp-hq: :iconmiyazaki-films-rp-da: :iconpotrp-da: :icontmhs-rp: :icononepiecerp-da: :iconyuyuhakushorp-da: :icontmmrp-da: :iconfruitsbasketrp-da: :iconohshcrp-da: :icondurarararp-da: :icongenderbent-aph-rp: :iconhamrp-da: :iconbrsrp-da: :iconytasrp-da: :iconpuellamagirp-da:

Book RPs


Cartoon RPs

:iconteentitans-added-rp: :icondisney-rp:

Game RPs

:icongsrp-da: :icontwewyrp-da: :iconmotherrp-da: :iconpkmnrp-da: :iconmmrp-da: :icontos-rp: :icontouhourp-da: :iconmsd-rp: :iconffviirp-da: :iconfireemblemrp-da: :iconmariorp-da: :iconaerp-da: :icontf2rp-da: :iconpersonarp-da: :iconsthrp-da: :iconlegend-of-zeldarp-da: :iconplrp-da: :icondissidiarp-da: :iconokamirp-da: :iconblazbluerp: :iconhigurashi-umineko-rp: :iconl4d-rp: :iconharvestmoonrp-da: :iconf-zerorp-da: :iconsilenthillrp-da: :icondothackrp-da: :iconoskrp-da: :iconmmzxrp-da: :iconvisualnovel-rp: :iconpokegijinkarp: :iconkingdomheartsrp-da: :iconyume-nikki-rp: :iconabyss-rp: :iconschool-days-rp: :iconcountry-of-hearts-rp: :iconpkmnmystery-rp: :iconsrwrp-da: :iconnewvegasrp: :iconrobotic-uprising:

Movie RPs


Other RPs

:iconvocaloidrp-da: :iconocrp-da: :iconultimaterpx-da: :iconcrackrp-da: :iconstreetrp-da: :iconthecolourationnation: :iconresmedi-rp-da: :iconvocaloidpvrp: :iconmurderrpx-da: :iconsoundhorizonrp-da: :iconkpop-rp: :iconcantarellarp-da: :iconhiems-mansion: :iconcandyrp-da: :iconurban-warfare: :iconhomestuckrpda: :icontrollcopsau-rpda: :iconresting-grounds:

MSN RP Groups

:icongyakuten-msn: :iconpaper-mario-msn: :iconmsn-power-hetalia: :iconmsn-note: :iconmsnpower-durarara: :iconteam-fortress-msn: :iconsherlockbbc-msn:

Skype RP Groups

Yahoo RP Groups


Any group with fewer than ten members will be added in here. If you see any RPs that have 10 or more members listed here please tell us! 8D

:iconsorp-da: :iconkirbyrp-da: :icontov-rp: :iconhlrp-da: :iconshkrp-da: :iconvkrp-da: :iconrgurp-da: :iconnegimarp-da: :iconbaccanorp-da: :icongac-rp: :icontrcrp-da: :iconrozenmaidenrp-da: :iconluminousrp-da: :iconnmhrp-da: :iconizrp-da: :iconshc-vs-tma-rp-club: :iconpsohrp-da: :iconlovelessrp-da: :icontprp-da: :icon07--ghostrp-da: :iconmetroidrp-da: :iconluckystarrp-da: :iconbloodplusrp-da: :icondronianarp-da: :iconddshrp-da: :iconggrp-da: :iconmirainikkirp-da: :iconsmrp-da: :iconiyrp-da: :iconmtnnrp-da: :iconcodelyokorp-da: :iconppgrp-da: :iconfiendrp-da: :icontoradorarp-da: :icondragonballrp-da: :iconwarriorcatsrp-da: :iconvcrp-da: :iconsprp-da: :icontouhoumsnrp-da: :iconkonrp-da: :icongakuenalicerp-da: :iconeo2rp-da: :iconpyschonauts-msn-rp: :iconsmtrp-da: :iconstarfoxrp-da: :icontmrp-da: :iconharrypotter-rp: :iconlux-pain-rpda: :iconmagicalrp-da: :iconlsddreamrp-da: :icon9rp-da: :iconwinxclub-rpda: :icondogsrp-da: :iconpiecesrp-da: :icones21-rp-da: :iconmmrp-msn: :iconzsbrp-da: :icongnrp-da: :iconistytkrp-da: :icondmcrp-da: :iconhetaliamafia: :iconhhcrp-da: :iconpkmgijinkarp-da: :icongoldensunrp-da: :iconspnrp-da: :iconkeyanimationrp-da: :iconahs-rp-da: :iconsugoirp-da: :iconsarp-da: :iconfairytalerp-da: :iconkuroshitsuji-msn: :iconhouseofnight-rp: :iconportalrp-da: :iconcreatures-of-tf2: :iconaphcrackrp: :iconmsn-dn: :icontdi-tda-rpda: :iconmsln-rp: :iconmecharp-da: :iconchibivampirerp-da: :iconexmortisrp-da: :iconairgearrp-da: :iconheart-of-london: :iconspyrorp-da: :iconatla-rp: :iconcrashbandicootrp-da: :iconjigokunikkirp-da: :iconnabari-rp: :iconanimarp-da: :iconosffrp-da: :iconpaf-rp: :iconsbrp-da: :iconhtfda-rp: :iconmikumikudancerp-da: :iconindex-railgunrp-da: :icongungear-rp-da: :iconcrimeoc-rpda: :iconhttydrp-da: :icontouhouskyperp-da: :iconincognitoinside: :iconrepo-rp: :iconfg-khr-msn: :iconnewkirbyrp-da: :iconlookingglasswarsrp: :iconbuffyrp-da: :icontcrp-da: :iconyotsubarp-da: :icondmrp-da: :icondcrp-da: :iconchibi-note: :iconanimalcrossingrp-da: :iconabrp-da: :iconpaper-mario-rp: :iconpjatorp-da: :iconamillionlightyears: :iconmdrp-da: :icontfrp-da: :iconkhr-msn: :iconfairytail-rpda: :iconpaswg-rp: :icondreamierpgroup: :iconapocalypserp-da: :iconepicmickeyrp-da: :icondaten-city-rp: :iconspyrothedragonrp-da: :iconsupernatural-rp-da: :iconmonkey-magic-cloud: :iconwilderpers: :iconleague-of-villains: :iconkumorinomewmew-rp-da: :iconblueexorcistrp-da: :iconminecraftrp-da: :icongijinka-rp: :iconcreepypastarp-da: :iconMLPFIM-RP-D: :iconbombermanrp-da: :iconamnesiarp-da: :icontubasa-chronicles-rp:


Rules to Join
1. No duplicate groups.
2. Before you ask me to add the group, have at least one member. I'm not adding it if you don't (and I won't check continuously to see when you do).
3. Actually message me and ask to be added (whether it be by comment, note, or whatever else you can think of). Don't just watch this account and expect me to do it.

To Join
Send a note to this account, or anhedonicPlaywright if I haven't been on in awhile from your headquarters account and put us in your affiliates. That's it. Only group accounts will be listed.

Also, if I've made any mistakes, don't hesitate to message me!


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MakenshiCrona-Gorgon Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014   Writer
is there a roleplayer group for Soul Eater?
Medallo-Argoton Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Please submit :icongotham-cityrp:.
SuziePatutie Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Hello! :wave:

I wanted to inform you about why :iconaerp-da: doesn't have an icon anymore. ^^;

I am the newest Co-Admin for the RP but we expanded and moved to a group here, :iconaerp-da2: Would it be possible to replace our old icon with this new one in the Game RP section, please? :heart:
bribells2000 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
is it posable to add a blade kitten role play
RP-DA Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2012
bribells2000 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
awsome cant wait for that :)
Lucario375 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012
There should be a roleplay group for people to just use their characters in, no matter what it is :P

Like, just for the hell of it XD
Medallo-Argoton Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Is there a roleplayer group for Adventure Time?
RP-DA Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2012
Not that I know of.
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Can you please also list :icontubasa-chronicles-rp: and could i use that icon tablet thing?
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